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We use the market-leading analytical software products from TIBCO®, namely Data Virtualisation, Statistica™ and Spotfire® to create our high-performance decisioning solutions.

Collect your data: TIBCO® Data Virtualisation

TIBCO® Data Virtualisation is a virtual data warehouse solution that links directly to data sources over traditional ETL (Extra Transformer and Load). This makes the job easier, faster and more efficient while avoiding temporary storage. In addition it includes modules for self-service, usage monitoring, and easy customisation of the security-levels for users as well as user groups. Cleint comments are typically “this product is too good to be true……it really is amazing!”

Analyse your data: TIBCO® Statistica™

TIBCO® Statistica™ is the market-leading software tool for advanced data analytics and machine learning. This powerful software tool is user-friendly and scalable, providing cost-effective analytical insights to help optimise critical business decisions. The software integrates easily with open source solutions such as “R” and “Python”.

In 2017, the edition of the “Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study” published by Dresner Advisory Services ranked TIBCO® Statistica™ No. 1.

Present your data: TIBCO® Spotfire®

TIBCO® Spotfire® is the smarter way to visualise data through an intelligent, secure enterprise solution. Whether these are simple snapshots or deeper analytical views, TIBCO® Spotfire® supports most with a wide variety of tools and techniques. TIBCO® Spotfire® is also the perfect match and is specially adapted for integration with TIBCO® Statistica™.

This advanced analytical software toolset enables companies of all sizes achieve a deeper understanding of their business, identifying trends, decisioning outcomes, cost savings and business development impacts. With the support of Precise Prediction consultants, companies can make decisions more predictably and more profitably.