Easybank ASA to work with Precise Prediction

//Easybank ASA to work with Precise Prediction

We are pleased to announce that Easybank ASA has entered into an agreement with Precise Prediction for the provision of a Credit Risk Management solution.

The consumer finance business of Easybank ASA, one of the fastest growing Norwegian banks, has chosen to implement a credit risk management solution provided by Precise Prediction, based on Statistica™, the market leading data analytics and machine learning software tool.

Easybank will use the solution to build, deploy and monitor customised credit score models driven by predictive analytics and machine learning, which will provide deeper insights appertaining to the risk profile of each consumer applicant, thereby giving Easybank a competitive advantage.

Precise Prediction director, Knut Opdal, states: “This agreement demonstrates our standing within the Norwegian consumer banking industry for the application of predictive analytics and machine learning for improving the performance of credit scoring models.”

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